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Sometimes Prayers Just Come from the Heart

In the job I do there are many times that folks want very structured prayer times.  Let’s all meet from this time to that time and we’ll pray for (fill in the blank).  Good prayers are prayed and we all stop at the designated time and head right back into our “to do” lists. 


As an intercessor prayer isn’t always like this for me.  If you’re an intercessor chances are, it isn’t always like that for you either.  God will bring someone or something to mind and I will feel a burden to pray.  This may mean stopping my “to do” list (yes, I have one, too) and taking time to pray from my heart for this person or situation. 


Yesterday, I called upon my team to join me for an urgent prayer need.  The meeting was unplanned and the situation was one that needed immediate prayer.  Most were able to make it either in person or on zoom and we prayed.  We prayed fervently.  Prayer needs had been sent to me via email regarding this urgent situation and they were shared with the team.  But the prayers came from the Lord and were poured out before him.


Prayer isn’t always sweet and nice.  Sometimes it is filled with tears and with reminding God of his promises.  Sometimes prayers are poured out full of hurt, but always they are prayed in faith.  God does answer and when I pray I have the assurance that the answer will come – God’s answer; not my answer.


For some their prayers are thought about beforehand, maybe even written out and carefully edited.  But for an intercessor this is often not the case.  We need to pray as the Lord directs and there are times that I’ve found myself praying something I didn’t know I would be praying!  But God knew.


Soon I will join a nice prayer group that’s been opened to any who want to join this morning to pray for a new missionary.  It will be a time of good blessings asked of God on behalf of this person.  But, before I get to that meeting I will go to the Lord on behalf of another who is deeply hurting.  This prayer will be done alone with God and will be on my knees.


Thank God that he hears all our prayers – those sweet ones offered up with grace and those gut wrenching ones down on our knees.  Such is the life of an intercessor.


By Jacqui – One of God’s Intercessors

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