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Pouring Out in Prayer

By Jacqui – One of God’s Intercessors

We planned the time to meet. We agreed upon the place. When I stepped into the prayer chapel I did so with an expectance of what would come. When she arrived, she gently tapped on the door and quietly entered the room. We took a few moments to talk about what we would soon agree upon in prayer, and then we settled into a time of pouring out in prayer.

Much depended upon the outcome of the prayers we poured out and God needed to be glorified. We began by inviting the Holy Spirit into the room, into our hearts, and into the prayer itself. There were pauses when one of us waited to hear in our spirits what needed to be spoken in prayer. There was no rush and yet a quiet urgency prevailed as we laid our requests before the Lord.

As the Holy Spirit guided our words passion poured out and trust in the Lord emerged stronger than ever as we believed the words of Jesus, our Savior, in John 14:13 You can ask for anything in my name, and I will do it, that the Son can bring glory to the Father.

Prayer poured out into the atmosphere of the room. Words of agreeance were prayed and where two were gathered the aroma of the prayer rose to the very throne room of heaven.

One prayed and another agreed. Another prayed and one agreed, and the prayer went on.

We prayed until the flow of the words gifted to us by the Holy Spirit stopped. With a sigh of completeness, I said, “Amen.” There is a beautiful feeling at the end of pouring out in prayer. I cannot imagine even the completion of running a marathon could bring a greater sense of having been part of something incredible.

Several hours later word came. Our prayers had been answered and God was glorified! Wherever you are today, friend, whatever is happening in your life, I urge you to pour it out in prayer to our amazing God with the hope that he will once again be glorified!

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