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Do You Know Something?

By Jacqui – One of God’s Intercessors

She thought I must surely know something about a certain situation. I didn’t. Not really. But, she shared, “The way you prayed. I thought someone told you something.” Well, in that statement, she was right. God told me what to pray. The words weren’t really my own. I asked the Lord to lead me in praying for the people and he did.

I don’t take time anymore to wonder why God asks me to pray a certain way. Each time God directs one of my prayers the person being prayed for always knows exactly why it was prayed. It resonates within their spirit. Sometimes they share with me and sometimes they simply say, “That was just what I needed.”

To erase any confusion, let me be clear. I do not pray what I think the person really needs when I pray for them. I pray what they’ve shared and asked for in prayer. But, sometimes, God directs my prayer in such a way that I know there is something HE wants prayed for them. Let me share a short story of one such occasion with you.

I was praying for a woman from Africa. I kept hearing the Lord say, “Pray for healing.” I thought, Lord, she didn’t ask for healing. Again, I heard, “Pray for healing.” I continued to pray for her requests and thought, did I miss something? Did she say she was sick? I heard the third time, “Pray for healing.” I thought, OK Lord. I will be obedient. I then prayed, “Lord, give her healing.”

The woman burst into tears and fell on her knees! She then told me her story and her fervent prayers to God to return the gift of healing to her. She had not mentioned any of this when we had talked before the prayer began. I could take no credit. God had just directed this prayer!

I am reminded of the greatness of our God, today, as I think about how he not only answers our prayers, but sometimes, he even tells us what to pray! What a wonderful God we serve! May all Glory be to Him!

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