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Behind Every One of Them

By Jacqui – One of God’s Intercessors

As an intercessor I receive a lot of prayer requests. I don’t just mean a few. I’m talking a lot of them. Lately, God has been reminding me of something important. Behind every one of these prayer requests is a person seeking God’s help.

Picking up each request, I suddenly feel the hurt, the anxiety, the fear, the illness, the searching that is coming through the words in their prayer request. They don’t need me. They need God. But, they do need me or another of God’s intercessors to pray.

Could they pray? I hope so. But, have you ever just needed someone to hold your hand through something? Sometimes, we need to know that someone else is praying alongside us. For the one who is in need, they may have already poured their heart out to God or they may simply not have the words when the hurt is deep. Sometimes, the request is bigger than one person can handle and many are needed to pray.

The Bible tells us to love one another. The greatest gift of love I can show to another is to sincerely pray for them. Once in a while, as I am praying, I find myself realizing that God might even be asking me to be the answer to their prayer! Not so long ago, I was praying for a missionary I knew well who was in deep need of financial support. Suddenly, I knew that I couldn’t keep praying for God to provide for them until I stopped and gave!

More often than not, I cannot be the answer to their prayer. But, I know the one who can. So, it is in faith that I continually go to God in prayer. He is Almighty and our Creator! No prayer request is too much for him.

Some would like to assume God should just take care of everything without us going to him in prayer. How would we ever begin to know how often the Lord is helping us or how very great his love is for us if that happened? When Jesus saw the blind man and heard him cry out, “Son of David have mercy on me!” He stopped and asked him, “What do you want me to do for you?”

If you’re hurting, confused, or lost right now, remember, you can pray and seek God in the prayer. He is waiting to hear from you. It’s OK if you feel the need to ask someone else to pray for you, too. God is calling his intercessors to pray.

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