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Why Go?

By Jacqui – One of God’s Intercessors

As an intercessor, I often receive many prayer requests. I often pray alone with God for these. Sometimes, I call another intercessor and we pray together. Our team receives many prayer requests. We meet and pray together for these needs. The prayers are lifted up. God hears and he answers.

So, why pray with someone? Why not just have them turn in their request and then pray? Why include them in the prayer? Quite simply because it glorifies God. When I pray with someone, they enter into the prayer with me. They know just what I prayed and how I prayed it. Then when the answer comes they remember and they give God the glory.

Maybe you’re still wondering why we would travel to the mission field as intercessors. Why not save the money on travel and just pray over Zoom. It’s called Presence. Holy Presence. When we are standing upon the land where ministry is happening, the Holy Spirit is standing with us. God’s presence enters the atmosphere and we know he is with us. His presence is felt over the land as we pray.

When I am able to lay my hand upon someone as I pray for them they may feel the presence of the Holy Spirit as we pray together. God’s intercessors call upon the Holy Spirit to enter into the prayer and bring the presence of God into the very prayer we are praying.

Being with a person in a time of prayer is beautiful. Praying on the land for the needs of its people is powerful. So, we go. We go where God leads us to pray, and we pray the prayers he directs us to pray. The ones we are praying for, are blessed and as God’s Intercessors, we are blessed. Where two or more are gathered, God is present.

Why do intercessors go to the mission field? …to feel the presence of God when he is hearing the cry of his people; to pray, and to glorify God in the prayer!

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