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It Sounds Different

By Jacqui – One of God’s Intercessors

I just left a prayer meeting. What a wonderful prayer meeting it was! There was not a person in the group who was not ready to jump into that prayer. Many personal prayer requests as well as ministry requests were lifted up to the Lord for his answers, his healing, and his guidance.

So, why did my prayer sound different today? To my ears and in my heart, I felt something different about the prayer I just prayed. Then, I realized it was because of what I prayed for. I prayed for God’s intervention in a warfare crisis in a nation in our world. I prayed that he would intervene and that in the midst of the crisis many would come to know Jesus as their Lord. I prayed for God to be glorified.

Now, as I sit and ponder the words I felt directed to pray, God is reminding me that when we pray for him to be glorified our prayer sounds different. God directed me to pray for him; for his glory.

I know I’ve prayed for God to be glorified many times before. But today, he allowed me to hear how a prayer sounds different when we pray for HIM; when we pray for God to be glorified.

What if my first concern in prayer became seeing God glorified? How might our world be changed?

Perhaps, you pray often for God’s will to be done. You may even be praying to walk in obedience to him. I do this quite often. What if today, you joined me in praying for God to be glorified in the midst of whatever trial you may be walking through? Would it make your trial any less difficult? Maybe not. But what if out of that trial, something happened that brought someone else to know Christ? What if out of that trial you came to know and love God more?

Friend, if today, you pray for God to be glorified in a situation that appears nothing short of difficult or even tragic, be prepared for your prayer to sound different than it ever has before. When we put God first, everything sounds different. Everything becomes different.

Praise God for what he will do in your life and in your prayers and mine.

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