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Divine Intervention

By Jacqui – One of God’s Intercessors

A year ago, I experienced a divine intervention in my life. I had been praying for God to give me wisdom. I had prayed for guidance and direction. I had pleaded for patience and an ability to stand strong in all that God had called me to do.

But during all of this praying it seemed God was not answering. And why would he? I was holding on strongly to one of the ‘things of God’ more than I was holding onto God! If I’m completely honest, I was also more worried about disappointing other people than I was about disappointing God!

The Lord wanted me to put him above all else. He wanted to be completely and irrevocably first in my life. He wanted me to give up my pride and cry out to him with a humble heart. And he got his way!

On my knees I bowed before him. It was an Abraham moment in prayer. I told the Lord I would give up the ‘things of God’ I had been holding onto that very day and if everyone I knew was disappointed in me or let down by my decision, I would humbly live with that. But, I no longer wanted to disappoint God.

In prayer, I fully surrendered all to him. I would go through with my decision and whatever he wanted me to do after that, I would do. I literally laid my will upon the altar in prayer, and then I did as I had promised God in my prayer. Just as the Lord had done for Abraham by supplying a ram in the bush, God blessed me with a divine intervention in my life that day, and since then, he has blessed me immeasurably more than I ever could’ve imagined.

Prayer is not always done quietly and serenely. It may require you to cry out in desperation. It may mean your face will be streaked with tears. It may mean getting on your knees, giving up your pride, and humbling yourself before the Lord. It may even mean you will experience a divine intervention.

Prayer is powerful, friend, because of the one who answers. God changes lives through prayer, and he can change yours.

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